Caroline’s Senior Photos…

Last week I had the opportunity to take Caroline’s Sr. Portraits!  Caroline’s mom is one of my dear friends and co-workers so I was super excited when we finally set a date to take these pictures.  Caroline, her little sister and Anne met me at another co-workers house to begin our shoot b/c Janet (our co-worker) lives on a golf course.  The golf course is important because Caroline golfs for her high school so we wanted to get a few shots in her element.  We had a lot of fun out there on the course, but I think my favorite part of the shoot was when we went out in the country a little ways for the rest of the shoot (open fields, fences, old roads… I love it all).  Caroline, thank you so much for being such a trooper, I had a blast with all of you and I can’t wait to see where you go and what you do over the next few years.  Have an awesome time up at A&M!!! 

Here’s a few shots from my session with Caroline….

I thought this was funny.. b/c of all the golf she plays, she has a major farmer’s tan on her feet!! 🙂

I really do love laughter and I was so excited to get these photos of Caroline!

Check back in a few weeks there’s a few other shots from this session that I can’t wait to put up… 🙂 But I have to wait!!