With traffic in Houston you never know what to expect.  A perfect example… last Friday I was on my way to a photo shoot downtown and I left in ample time to get there.  All of a sudden traffic came to a stand still on 59, when I finally started moving and passed what was holding up traffic I very quickly realized that there was a HORSE in the middle of the road.  How it crossed like 7 lanes of traffic w/out being killed is beyond me, but as you can see… you never know in Houston.  All of that being said, on this particular wedding day in which I was 2nd shoot a wedding with Janine, I knew it would take me 30 minutes to get to the particular venue… haha, well I left an hour early just in case… let’s just say I was a few minutes late.  Thankfully, we always arrive on location 2 hours before the ceremony to start shooting.  When I got to the venue I parked in a garage (not realizing the location was valet parking)… at the end of the night I had to bribe the valet guys to let me get my car!!!  It was crazy….

🙂 now about this BEAUTIFUL wedding.  I know I’ve said it over and over again, but I LOVE weddings.  I always get so excited when it’s a wedding day.  I love the excitment of the bridal party and the guests and just how much fun and memorable the weddings are.  Another thing I love about weddings is that no two are alike, so I’m always seeing something different and leave most  blown away by the details, love and fun…  This one in particular was so awesome…. you could see how much the bride and groom love each other.  They didn’t take their eyes off of one another as she walked down the isle and he stood waiting.  The ceremony was beautiful and afterwards the couple enjoyed themselves alongside their family and friends.  I had so much fun seeing this crowd just have fun!!  Here’s a few shots from the night…

… you may now kiss the bride

February 9, 2010