I’m not one to sugarcoat anything… I like to be honest, mainly b/c I want people to be honest with me.  Well before last Saturday I was not the fondest of taking newborn portraits.  I’d only done a handful of them and just couldn’t really get in the hang of it, I think not being able to control what the babies did was a big part of it (especially since most newborn shots I’ve seen are babies sound asleep and I’ve never gotten lucky with any of the newborns I’ve photographed being asleep).  Well when I walked into Bryan and Jamie’s house to take photos of Paityn I went in w/out any expectations.  I went in knowing that I can’t control what happened… newborns have different needs than the rest of the human population so I’ve just got to be patient. 

As soon as I laid eyes on this cutie I knew I was going to have fun.  Parker was there too (that’s Paityn’s older brother)… he was soo cute and was so excited.  We were able to get photos of Parker and Paityn, I got a few of Parker, and Jamie & Bryan had tons of ideas of shots they wanted to try (Thank y’all for being up for anything!!).  Paityn never fell asleep, but it didn’t matter… she was next to perfect (she didn’t cry, get fussy or really anything).  I have to say that I walked away from the shoot with a new found love for shooting portraits of newborns!! 

Jamie and Bryan thank you so much for allowing me into your home to capture Paityn.  I can’t wait to see her grow up!  You have two precious little ones!!!

Here’s a some shots from the day (I really tried to narrow them down… but there were so many that I liked)….

Introducing Paityn…

February 14, 2010