When I board an airplane I am normally the girl who slides into my window seat, slips my ipod on and reads the newest Nicolas Sparks book.  Well last August on my way back to Texas after a long weekend in NC… I was boarding my layover flight in Atlanta, sat down and realized that the person I was originally sitting next to switched seats with some other guy.  I thought no biggie, do your normal ipod/book/hopefully fall asleep deal and you’ll be back in Houston in no time … We ended up introducing ourselves and he mentioned he graduated from A&M and I then made a remark probably along the lines of.. “ohh you’re an Aggie” and that’s when he informed me of how much he loves A&M and everything Aggie!!  For the next 2 hours and something minutes he taught me all about Texas A&M and their traditions and we realized that we know a few mutual people, connected those mutual people with Yell Leaders and that’s when I learned that he had been a Yell Leader.  I then found out the awesome things he got to do and people he got to meet while he held this prestigious honor of being a yell leader.  I walked away from that plane ride with not only great respect for this college and their traditions but with a new friend.  My new friend is Tyler Wellborn.

Now jump to January when my co-worker stops me one day with the exciting news that her son is running for yell leader… I actually got really excited.. not only b/c Brett might have the chance to represent his school as a Yell Leader, but also b/c I knew how few have ever had the honor to be one of these 5 gentlemen that support, encourage and represent their school.  Well after talking to Jan (Brett’s mom), she mentioned that they were going to need to take a few pictures for their campaign (and of course my ears of course perked up).  I had never been to A&M’s campus and I thought hmm… this could be really cool!!  So I jumped at the chance to spend a few hours taking pictures for these guys.

So Jan and I traveled to College Station one GEORGOUS Friday afternoon and when we got there I met Travis Kennedy, John Busch, Brett Bergamo, Austin Trahan, and David Benac.  All I have to say is these guys are AWESOME!!  They are perfect gentlemen and great “hosts & tour guides”.  They answered all my questions, were up for anything picture wise, made me laugh, and were just fun to be around.  It’s funny b/c that day I figured we’d go up there snap a few pictures for like an hour and be done… well these guys were loving taking pictures (that hour turned into 2 and a half hours 🙂 )  and I am so thankful they were loving being in photos b/c I got some great pictures.  Below are a few shots from the day…

Thank y’all so much for being so great!!  I can’t wait to come join y’all for a game in the fall.  Good luck with the campaign!!

I was able to snap a few photos of Rev too!!

A&M Tradition. . . {College Station, TX, Photographer}

February 24, 2010