She Said YES!! {Wilmington, NC, Engagement Photographer}

I remember the feeling of knowing that it was inevitable that Gary was going to ask me to marry him… and there’s one thing that I hate more than anything…. SURPRISES!!!  So, me being me snooped around (didn’t find he ring) but sort of figured out Gary was about to pop the question, but I had no idea of the exact day, time or place.  Bottom line, I HATE BEING SURPRISED… haha, but oh do I love to keep secrets of surprises from others :). 

I have to give a little back story to this one.  Jenn and I have been friends since 2003 when we were both in college, we met each other at a mutual friends house… and after chatting for a bit we realized that we had a LOVE for the Wizard of Oz and shopping (needless to say we instantly bonded).  We later became roommates, beach mates and she became a best friend.  Being girls we’ve always talked about getting married since forever ago, she was actually a bridesmaid in my wedding a few years back.  Jenn and Ben started dating last February and very quickly fell in love.  Seeing that I live in Texas and she lives in NC, I didn’t get to meet (and approve of Ben) until August when I went back home for Jenn’s graduation from PA school.  Let me just say that Ben is absolutely PERFECT for Jenn and I approved (not that she would have listened to me if I hadn’t have liked him).  Well the two of them started talking about their future and marriage (and Jenn and I were always tossing up the idea of when she gets engaged, blah blah blah…).  Well a few weeks before Thanksgiving Jenn was like I don’t know if he’ll ask me or when Ben will actually pop the question.  So me being one that loves secrets, emailed Ben to see if he’d spill the beans… lucky for me, he let me know he was going to pop the question (but again, I didn’t know when or where.. BUT I KNEW!! Thanks Ben)… Because I knew Jenn wanted me to be the one to take their engagement photos… I simply asked Ben if it was going to happen before I came home in December, b/c if he did ask her before I got there we could surprise her with engagement pics too (hint, hint)!!  🙂  Ben definitely asked Jenn to marry him 2 days before I arrived in Wilmington!!  

Gary and I arrived on a Saturday evening (after driving 21 hours straight from Texas).  We hung out with the newly engaged couple that evening and then met them downtown Wilmington the next day for a session.  It was FREEZING that afternoon when we were taking pictures but we had so much fun.  Gary came with me as comical relief (and he really was pretty comical… especially to Ben). 

Jenn and Ben:  Thank you so much for putting up with me in the freezing cold!! I am sooo happy for the two of you. You really are perfect for one another and I love you two so much.  I can’t wait to be part of your big day!!  Congrats!!

Here’s a few shots from the session. . . .















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  1. Emily says:

    These photos are great…and absolutely love the settings/backgrounds you chose! 🙂





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