Back in September I got the chance to tag along to a few weddings with another Houston photographer and friend (Janine, of Photography by Janine).  I love shooting weddings because they are all so different and unique.  This particular wedding was crazy.  We arrived at the location where the bridal party was getting ready, took photos and headed to the church for the ceremony.  The ceremony went wonderful, we took the bride and groom outside and around the church to get a few photos and then back inside (that’s when the bottom dropped).  I have not seen a storm that bad in a really long time.  After photos the bridal party took off in the limo and we ended up getting stuck in the church and crossing our fingers that it would stop raining so hard (we didn’t want to run to the car with our camera gear and get it wet and messed up).  We finally had to just suck it up and get soaked!!  Thankfully they waited for us to get to the reception (probably b/c the bride’s parents were right behind us).  The reception was beautiful and they all had so much fun.  Here’s a few shots from the evening…wedding