Dustin, Ashley & Jaxson {Sugar Land, TX, Family Photographer}

I love taking family portraits, especially when there’s a little kid involved.  I was so excited that Dustin and Ashley wanted me to take their family portraits.  This was the second time in a few months that I would get to take pictures of the adorable Jaxson!!  I met them the day after Thanksgiving in a little neighborhood park.  The weather was beautiful, it wasn’t too cold, everything was great… except for the mosquitos (but who would have thought we would have a mosquito problem in late November).  Jaxson was a happy little camper and then right as we were getting ready to start taking pictures… Bella (their beautiful dog) knocked Jaxon over (I didn’t know what to do!).  But Jaxson rebounded nicely, the only evidence of the fall was the little red knot on his forehead (oh the joys of lightroom!!).  The session went awesome and it was so much fun.  I love hanging out with Ashley and Dustin and little Jaxson.  They are so genuine and loving… and to be able to capture that was awesome.  Here’s a few shots from the session. . .