Bridals {Houston, TX, Photographer}

I have to say I have some of the most amazing friends.  Back in either August or September my friend Kelly asked me if I wanted to join the small group she a few other young ladies were starting, I jumped at the chance b/c It’s been hard to meet people (especially people my age, plus or minus a year or two) with everything I have my hands in.  Over the past few months we’ve met on Monday evenings and it’s been awesome.  I hate when I have to miss, because these women have become part of my life and when I miss our time together I feel like a chunk of my week is missing.  I am just so thankful that all 6 of these amazing  women are in my life and that they encourage me and challenge me on a daily basis.  All of that to say, that somehow I talked a few of them into getting back into their wedding dresses and letting me get a few bridals.  I couldn’t believe that all of them said yes (well Meghan said yes, but she couldn’t do it b/c hers had been boxed up to never be opened again).  So we planned a whole afternoon of getting ready and then embarking into Old Katy to take a few bridal portraits. Here’s a few shots from that afternoon (there’s a mix of bridals and fun ones). . .  


I want say thank you to all of you (Ashley, Caitlyn, Lindsay, Kelly B., Kelly N, Lindsay, and Meghan) for doing this, but also for letting me into your lives.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our friendships!!