I adore beautiful images…. images that are timeless, classic, that capture what’s really happening, how one really is (whether that be tears, or joyful, or angry (toddlers tend to be angry at times), or anything and everything in between), and most importantly, images that tell a story… your story!!

When looking for a photographer myself, those are the characteristics I look for along with amazing quality, and if I could see my family really getting along with the photographer.  So as a photographer my goal is to deliver images that are beautiful, that will still be sitting on mantels 50 years from now, that preserve who you are at this time in your life, that tell YOUR story, and that will be images you’ll be proud of, that you’ll want to share with others, that you’ll pull out over and over again.

My hope is that along the way we become friends.  I am not a photographer just to take pretty pictures.  I am a photographer because I want to be part of telling your story.  And the only way to tell a story well… is to be a friend, to have a relationship. We’re going to have fun along the way as I document whatever memory it may be. I do my best to capture who you & your loved ones are in that particular moment in time, which might include smiles, laughter, or tears. I love what I do & I love getting to share it with others.  I am so excited to meet you & document your memories!!

Contact me today if you want to book your wedding or session with me.  If you live outside of the Greenville/Spartanburg area… No problem, I love to travel!!