Since November of 2008 I have worked at a church and I love it!!  Well in December of that year I met Sarah because she also works there, a year later I moved offices and ended right next door to Sarah.  Sarah is an amazing woman and I am so thankful to have her in my life, and right next door 4 days a week :).  She is the mother of four BEAUTIFUL kiddos, a strong wife, a Godly woman, and a good friend.  I have enjoyed working a wall away from her and have loved meeting her kids gradually over the last few years.

Paige is her 2nd oldest, but oldest daughter, and Sarah is always saying that her and I are a lot alike in the way we act and eat :)… so when I got to spend the afternoon with Paige a few weeks ago I couldn’t be more excited.  Paige is a total sweetheart!!  It was really chilly the afternoon of the session but she didn’t let it faze her one bit.  Paige is so sweet and loves the Lord with all her heart and loves her family so incredibly much!!  Paige you are beautiful inside and out and I am honored to have a few traits like you (i.e. picky eater, loves clothes, etc..) :).  Thank you for such a fun afternoon!!!   Here are a few photos from our session…

Paige… {Katy, TX – Lifestyle Photographer}

February 3, 2011