I’m a little behind in blogging due to computer issues, but hopefully those have all be straightened out and I’ll be back at it!! 🙂

Back in December I received a phone call from a client (I did her daughter Kelsey’s senior photos back in October) saying that she wanted to now have photos taken of all three of her kiddos together.  I was uber excited because I had so much fun with Kelsey back in October and I knew that if all of Jenifer’s kids were that great we were going to have a great session.  Well we had a great session.  Matt, Lindsey, and Kelsey were awesome and Jenifer had me cracking up on the sidelines :).  I love how all three of the kids love each other and aren’t just siblings but also friends.  All three of them (and Jenifer 🙂 ) are amazing and so much fun to be around!  Jenifer, thank you for wanting me to once again capture your kids for you.  It is always a pleasure and such an honor to have that phone call to photograph a client not just once but a second time… so thank you for your support.  I had fun with all four of you guys and I can’t wait to hopefully do it all again one day in the future (maybe even throw dad in there 🙂 )!!  Here’s a few shots from the session…

Miller Kids… {Katy, Tx – Lifestyle Photographer}

January 31, 2011