The Ward’s… {North Carolina Family Photographer}

This family is awesome!! 🙂  I have known the Ward’s for years and I love all of them so much.  They are crazy, fun and goofy… and I LOVE IT!!!

Kara has been a dear friend to the family and over the past few years I have gotten to know her more and more and love her more and more… she’s a friend and a mentor and I am sooo thankful for her.  I have babysat one of their four children on numerous occasions… I think my mom would have stolen Mason from Kara if she could have.  Kaitlin (the daughter) is a complete sweetheart and I am so thankful that the summer she was headed to college she was able to come live with me and I love this girl to pieces (fun fact about her… she caught the bouquet at my wedding)!!  Connor and Ian are polar opposites (I think.. :))… Connor is just goofy and a little ball of fire and Ian, well he’s the oldest and he just takes it all in.  Bruce… 🙂 I think you’re a saint to put up with these 5!! Just kidding!!  Bruce is awesome too though, he loves his family and it shows!!

Soo all of that to say… when I was in NC I was able to do a session with this amazing family and we had a BLAST, being around them for that hour made me miss them a whole whole bunch.  Love all 6 of you very much and I am so grateful that each of you is a part of my life… I think y’all should come visit us down here in Texas!!! 🙂  Here’s a few shots from their session…