Nikki & Dave… {North Carolina, Maternity Photographer}

Nikki is a few years older than I am and because of that I have always looked up to her in so many ways.  Our lives crossed paths years ago at church events that we both attended and worked on staff for.  She was always the girl that I wanted to be like.  She was beautiful (had the longest most beautiful hair that was blond and curly and I just adored it… mainly b/c mine was brown and frizzy curly!!), she was an amazing dancer, loved the Lord with all her heart and just had so much life oozing out of her.  I always got excited when my dad would confirm that Nikki would be at any of the events.  As the years went on, Nikki wasn’t like other girls her age… I don’t think she ever just thought of me as some little middle schooler or younger kid… she took me under her wing and slowly and surely we became close friends.  I remember when her and Dave met back when she was in high school and have seen their relationship bloom as the years have gone on, I was lucky enough to get into the same college as Nikki and then really excited when I was able to live with her OFF CAMPUS my freshman year (she’s an amazing cook and she was always trying to expand my taste buds while we lived together, I didn’t really have any of that… unless it was one of her delicious cakes 🙂 !!!).

Nikki and Dave FINALLY got engaged and then got married a few years back… it was a beautiful ceremony and I couldn’t be more excited for them…  A few years later for my wedding, Nikki made my amazing wedding cake and then sadly I hadn’t seen her in three years… so when she called me to tell me a few months ago that she was pregnant I lost it b/c of how much I love her and miss her, and because I am thrilled for these two!!!  So last weekend the three of us got together and did a maternity session.  I found out the baby’s name… which is Caswell (Nikki and Dave met at Ft. Caswell).  I am so glad that I was able to capture a few photos for them.  Nikki and Dave I love you two and you both mean so much to me.  I can’t wait to meet Caswell and watch the two of be amazing parents and watch as you show her God’s love through your marriage and through the way you will love her.  You two are going to be wonderful parents!!  Thank you for letting me spend an hour with you (definitely wasn’t long enough), maybe just maybe it won’t be three years before I see the three of you again!!… Here’s a few  shots from our session…

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