Since October of last year when Meagan found out she was preggers and then having twins I have been ecstatic and eager for their arrival.  So when June 3rd arrived and Gary and I made our way to the hospital to visit I was even more excited to see Ryan lying next to his beautiful mom (they were expecting both Ryan and Quinn to be taken to the nicu since they were preemies, but Ryan was a healthy little baby so everyone got an amazing surprise).  I remember just starring at him that night and adoring his cute little noes and fingers, so when they brought him home and a few weeks later we took his photos I just simply feel in love with this little fellow.  He is the sweetest and most calm baby I have ever seen in my life.  He doesn’t really fuss unless he’s hungry or really needs something, he’s just as content as can be and is always making some sort of noise (but it’s not a fussy noise, it’s just him being Ryan and living life)… all of that to say that Ryan is ADORABLE!!!  Here’s a few shots from Ryan’s session…

…check back next week for Quinn’s blog 🙂

baby 1 of 2… (Houston, TX, Newborn Photographer)

August 16, 2010