Amanda  +  Jesse

"...Our wedding photos are breathtaking. They completely captured our day and I relive every moment when I see them. She caught both of us as our most natural selves and all of the happiness we share together..."

“Where do I start? Kendra checks all of our boxes of an awesome photographer to work with. Having worked with her for several years now, we have worked dozens of events together and we’re always excited when we see her name on one of our weddings. From her bubbly, fun personality, to her God-given talent to capture so many special moments of a wedding, Kendra is a joy!”

Uptown Entertainment

Cameron + Eric

"...Kendra captured every moment perfectly. She was amazing to work with from our first initial consult. She took so many amazing photos and I love every single one more and more...."

“I’ve been amazed at how easy Kendra is to work with and how thorough she is throughout the entire planning process, especially the wedding day. Kendra's bubbly and charismatic personality made the photo sessions painless for two people who really do not enjoy being in front of the camera. Her photography is timeless, and I’m thrilled that we’ll have these photos forever.”


"Kendra manages to capture the moments in the chaos of a family shoot that show the joy, wonder, and wild ways of our family. "


Emily  + Christopher

"...On the day of the wedding, Kendra was there to do more than just take pictures. In what could have been a stressful time, I was calmed by Kendra. There was no detail, big or small, that was left out...."

Owner of Bella Blooms

Rachel Woodhams

"Kendra is such a pleasure to work with. She is cheerful and positive adding joy to the day. Any correspondence or questions she is quick to respond. Not only does she take fabulous pictures of people capturing real moments, she also has the artistic eye to photograph the florals and decor so you can clearly remember all the special details of the day. We always look forward to working with Kendra!"

Danae & Andrew

"...Kendra is worth her weight in gold!”  Kendra was well worth the investment! We  attended a friend’s wedding where she was the photographer. This was a very unique experience in that we could see that her photos beautifully depicted the day just as it was!..."


Renee Burroughs

"Kendra's work is the most true to what we actually see. The colors of the florals, attire and linens are always true to real life and to a floral designer that is what the bride remembers her flower to be. Her charming smile always puts couples, families and friends at ease while being unobtrusive in such intimate moments."

"Kendra has a God given talent of capturing candid and real moments that speak to who you are as a family."


Caitlan & Matt

"...While there are many photographers that capture the moment beautifully, what really sets Kendra apart from the rest is her captivating positive energy. She is so sweet, enthusiastic, and energetic. Her number one goal is that she really just wants you to enjoy the day and the whole wedding from start to finish....."

Owner of Timeless events

Heather Lockaby

"Kendra is more than just a photographer that captures your wedding day, she supports you before, during and after the wedding, she looks out for you, she laughs with you, you laugh at her and she cares. Her passion for what she does will show every time she is behind her camera and she will become emotional talking and sharing the moments that were captured."

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