12 Years!!

I was going to go back and re-read past anniversary blogs but I thought I better not because then it will keep me from saying what I want to say… mainly because I probably say the same thing every year.  After I finish writing this I’ll go take a look at them and compare :)!! 

Gary, today we celebrate 12 years of marriage.  For most 12 isn’t a significant year… but for us… 12 is one of our favorite numbers (yes we have favorite numbers). In these past 12 years of marriage we have had a lot of stuff happen.  We’ve had good, bad, boring, etc… We’ve moved cross country 3 times and then within the same area now once (and I’ll say I prefer cross country to same area any day).  We have two little girls and two crazy dogs.  We have been to the beach more times than I can now count, eaten more blue bell ice cream & sushi than we should ever admit and made a whole lot of memories.

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We have had really really good days and really really bad days.  We have both been tried and tested over and over again.  We have made friends, lost friends, moved away from friends, made new friends.  We have had success’ and failures.  We have stood by one another for 12 years as husband & wife and I’m just as in love with you today as I was in 2007 if not more so.  Gary you are my best friend.  You are the person that knows me better than anyone.  You know what makes me laugh and what ticks me off & irritates me (and you purposely irritate me to death… which I don’t understand but that’s what makes you you).  You know when I need a shoulder to cry on and when to stand behind me because you know I need to do it on my own (I just need a cheerleader).  You are one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters.  You have encouraged me for 12 years to not only dream big… but to go after those big dreams.  You have encouraged me to stand up for who I am and whose I am.  You are one of my greatest gifts!!!  I love you and am soo soo thankful for these past 12 years.  Here’s to a lifetime of anniversaries to come!!!