A little take away from my social media fast | Kendra Martin Photography

Three weeks ago I began a social media fast.  And besides a handful of quick pop ons to check my direct messages… I haven’t been on social media… and y’all I don’t really want to ever be back on.  I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.  But it’s the truth.  20ish days without the noise, the posting, the stories, the liking, the comparing, the scrolling, the tapping, the wasting my time when I should/could have been doing something else.  I don’t want any of that back in my life and it’s why I don’t want to get back on. 

Some of you may be reading this and saying “well then don’t get back on”… and while I’ve thought about it… I also know that I have a community on social media. I have a space in all the noise where I can share and love and serve those that God places in my path and while it’s “just social media”… it’s a space where I can share my amazing clients, hopefully some inspiration here and there, and more importantly it’s a space where I can share what God is doing in and through my life.

So while I’ll likely keep my “curated” to an extent feed (because well I like order and structure and the way it looks :))… my hope is that from here on out that my feed and stories are not just noise in a world where there is already so much noise… but a place that more than anything serves and loves others well. That shows others that yes I am a business owner that LOVES what she does by showcasing the people that I am soo honored to document… but also that I am a mom… a wife.. a daughter… a sister… a friend… a human being. I struggle, I laugh, I love, I regret, I learn, I try to be and do better every single day and that no one is alone in this thing called life.

This fast taught me a lot and I could probably write a book here today… don’t worry I won’t!! But if it taught me anything… it taught me the importance of being still…. of quieting the noise that is in my life so that I can not only draw closer to my God… but so that I can draw closer to those that mean the most to me in my life. So I stand by not wanting to get back on social media… but I’m going to hop back on… and this time I will view it differently… This time just like almost every aspect in my life where I set boundaries and stand by those boundaries because boundaries show respect & love… there will be boundaries for my social media habits. One of those boundaries/habits for me with be always logging off and having to log back on because there is something about the logging in and logging off that makes me really make the choice to spend my time there. I’m also going to always set a timer before I hop on and when it goes off… I log off no matter what I’m in the middle of doing. I already had notifications turned off and the facebook & messenger apps have never been on my phone and will keep it that way. So that is where I’m starting back… and I’m excited about the new boundaries I’m putting in place for myself.

I’m also excited to see what people have been up to… as well as share what I’ve been up to for the last three weeks!! It’s been a really good three weeks full of family time both here at home and away (yep a vacation happened over the last 3 weeks and y’all being able to get away and not sharing a thing about it was soo freeing!!!)… there have been many books read & listened to… lots of writing, praying, journaling and time with God…. workout habits that I am soo glad to have started and can’t wait to keep up… and time just doing nothing because I needed time to just be. Y’all if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the noise please know that it’s okay to step away from it all. In a world that tells us to go go go… and work work work…. we also need to hear that it is okay and needed for us to rest rest rest. This three week fast will NOT be my only social media fast. I may not come out and tell anyone I’m fasting but there will be days, weekends, and weeks and months this year and every year that follows that I will fast again from social media. Because the re-set, the re-grouping, the being away from all the noise has been soo good for my soul!!

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