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A few years back I did a series where once a month I did a post called “10 things” where for 12 months I told you 10 random things about me!! Since that time Kenlee arrived in our lives and things have gotten crazy and I haven’t done a lot of personal posts…. so today I wanted to do a new things about me post… and what better day to do this on… than my birthday!! Some of these are totally surface level and then others go a little deeper. I want y’all to know more about me and what makes me… me!! And after you read them I’d love for you to either comment below or come back to Instagram or Facebook and tell me a few random things about yourself!! I love getting to know people!!!

1. I have curly hair and for most of my life I haven’t embraced it…. until now! For years I straightened my hair or wished the curls away because I just didn’t know what to do with them or how to style them… and honestly I get frustrated still today. But in December 2016 I made the decision to do curly hair ALL the time. I’ve only blown it out once and it was for our 10 year photo session and other than that I have been trying to get my curls back… back to how they were when I was in high school and they were spirals!! It’s a lot of work and I’m learning new things about curly hair daily… but it’s so worth it. If you’re reading this and have had curly hair or have it and you have been in my shoes… reach out to me so we can talk! I love sharing what I’m learning about curly hair!!

2. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and my faith is super important to me!!

3. I am an avid reader!! Had I not spent the last 3 weeks sick I would be a lot further along in my goal to read/listen to 75+ books this year but as of right now I’m on book 12 for the year. Here’s a link to the books I ready from 2014-2018!! I love to read a lot of different genres… but I do love a good fiction book more than anything I think!!!

4. If I could live anywhere it would be on the coast… if the opportunity ever came up for us to move to the coast permanently I think I’d jump at it!!! I’ve always loved the ocean & the coastal communities and especially since college have always had a strong pull to the coast. I know some people love to travel and explore and be adventurous… me… I love to snuggle up to a good book or just sit and be. There’s something about salt water & sandy toes that makes me super happy!!

5. Speaking of coast… I went to college at UNCW… GO SEAHAWKS!!! Those four years were some of my hardest years but best years of my life and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend such a great school in such an amazing place!!

6. I started playing percussion instruments in like fourth grade and fell in love with music. Percussion led to flute which led to Oboe which was my favorite. Unfortunately I stopped playing but gosh do I love and have an appreciation for music and hope that my girls get the band bug as well!!

7. My family means the absolute world to me. Whether it be my extended which includes the most influential people in my life – my nana, dad & mom… or my little family of four. Family means everything to me and behind my faith they are what I prioritize in my life and the reason I do what I do!! So thankful that God placed me in the family he did and for the love and support they have given me all these years!!

8. Gary works a really odd schedule but on Tuesday’s he works a more “normal” person schedule. Because our girls go to bed rather early we are able to do date nights in most Tuesday’s and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that time. It usually includes sushi from across the street, a glass or red wine and at the moment “this is us” and “new Amsterdam”!!

9. I really am not big on fashion. I’ve never been one to follow trends or make trends… I’m rather boring clothes wise. But y’all… give me a good classic, timeless piece that I feel good in…. and I will rock the heck out of it. I will also buy it in all the colors because when I find something I love and that works that’s what I wear and do!! My favorite store is probably J.Crew but most of the time you can find me in a patagonia pullover or vest because they are sooo comfy and warm!!!

10. I’m a preacher’s kid!!! And while some would cringe at having that title or they associate negative things with it… y’all it is part of me and because of being a preacher’s kid the experiences and life that has happened in the house I was raised in shaped me to be the person I am today and I love it and I embrace it and I am proud to wear that title!!

11. I am 100% an organized disaster :)!! I love order and I love structure and I love timelines… but gosh I am not a neat person!! I can’t believe I just shared that… but y’all I have never been one to keep my house neat and tidy … I know it kills both my mom and husband but it’s who I am and I own it!!!

12. Because I didn’t want to end on an odd number… and #12 was my number growing up for sports I’ll end it on 12…. I am often asked where “home” is. Truth is… I don’t have a hometown. I don’t have a place where I grew up. I lived in 6 different towns growing up because of being a Methodist preacher’s kid… I then went to college (which if I picked a hometown I could say there… but I was only there for 4 years)… we then got married moved to NOVA for a year, then to Houston, TX… then to Spartanburg, SC. So I call myself a nomad and claim wherever we are living at the moment… because as cheesy as it sounds… home for me really is where Gary & my girls are!!!

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