It’s hard to believe that today is our nine year wedding anniversary.  I really do think each year goes quicker and quicker (so to anyone out there reading this that is getting married, recently married, will one day get married… soak it up because it seriously flies by!!!) and the last 12 months have been a blur!! From finding out we were adding another little girl to our family, to getting another year older, to having Kenlee, to a crazy busy year photography wise, to your job location changing (not a job change just a change in location… which is AWESOME because it means you have the ability to reach more people and bless more people with who you are and what you do), to a much needed vacation at our new favorite beach, to adding a puppy to the mix (WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!)… it’s been a busy, crazy, blessed, amazing year and I am so thankful that I get to do life alongside of you.  It’s been a great year, but it’s also been a crazy hard year as well.  We have cried together, been angry together (and yes at each other at times, at situations and circumstances that have happened), we’ve laughed, we’ve smiled, we’ve been flat out exhausted (we will sleep when the girls and boone gets older… one day!!) together, and we’ve just been there together.  You are a man of God and you love with your whole heart.  You do, you support, you cheer… in all that you do… in our home, outside our home… for me, the girls, our families, friends, co-workers, community, anyone you come into contact with… you do it all to the best of your ability and with your whole heart and I love that about you.  Yes I’d prefer you not be so nice to others and give so much of your time away at times… but then I think about the example you set, and the way you lead our family and that’s when I can’t complain.  I am soo very thankful that 9 years ago we got married and started our life together.  I love everything about our life (the good and the bad) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!  I love you Gary & I’m looking forward to what year 10 has in store for our marriage & our family!!kendra-martin-photography-greenville-wedding-photographer-greenville-wedding-larkins-on-the-river_0075

The photos above were taken in the last 12 months by either Olivia Griffin Photography, Kayla Coleman Photography, or Jamie Blow Photography.  Thank y’all for taking photos of us!!!

9 years…

October 6, 2016