Greenville Photographer | 10 Things… January

Y’all I can’t believe this is my last month doing a 10 things post!! It’s been a lot of fun to share little tidbits about myself over the last year… but I’m glad this is my last one 🙂 :)!!  If you’ve missed any of the 10 things about Kendra posts be sure to go here to see more of them!!  I’m going to jump right into this months 10 things!!

1. I love organization.  Like love it.  But for some reason I just can’t make it happen in real life… so I live with organized chaos ALL around me.  I cringe when I see my desk but ahhh for the life of me I can’t get it all to stay neat and tiddy no matter how hard I try. I really do know where everything is on my desk and where I can find what I need (Gary don’t start laughing because I’m not talking about loosing keys or shoes or that kind of thing 🙂 ) … so for now while I juggle a lot of different hats I am going to just own my organized chaos and go with it!!!

2. After the snow we received here in South Carolina last Friday & Saturday I decided that yeah…. I’M NOT A FAN OF COLD WEATHER OR SNOW!!! Give me sun & warmth ANY day!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer Thank you Trinity for this sweet photo of Kenzie & I when we were in Wilmington last March!! Love these photos so much!!

3.  I love having long hair… but I definitely get the itch every few years to cut it all off.  Right now I’m blaming Sophia Bush for that itch.  More on her in a minute!!

4. Graham Crackers + Cake Icing = amazing!! That’s all I have to say. You know you want to try it now ;)!! You should get the rainbow chip icing (it’s back on shelves after a few years hiatus… and I’m not talking about the one with sprinkles I’m talking about the one with chips mixed into the icing!!!)

5. I have never ever wanted to wear lipstick, ughh I can’t handle the stuff on my lips.  My mom tells me I should wear it … but I hate the stuff… it takes my lips being crazy dry for me to even put on chapstick.  My Nana told me when I was younger that my lips are a pretty color and I took that to mean I don’t need to add color to them… so if I have to wear something it’ll be chapstick!! Me and makeup just don’t go well together!!!  Maybe dancing for so many years when I was younger got the makeup phase out of me!!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer | Lifestyle Photographer | Family Photographer | Childrens Photographer_0001Olivia, we love our fall photos that you took of us!! I know it was a crazy session and Kenzie was the sweetest and yet you still were able to capture her sweet little self!! Thank you!!

6. I love to journal & write! And if I’m going to journal it has to be in a spiral journal :)!!

7.  We (Gary & I) are obsessed with the Chicago (Fire, PD, Med) tv series’ … hence the reason Sophia Bush has me wanting to chop off all my hair because I see her cute hair every week and makes me want mine short again!!!

8. Can’t wait to be the mom of 2 girls.  Yes I will probably eat those words in about 10 years, but regardless I am excited for Kenzie to have a sister and to pull out all of Kenzie’s baby clothes and go down memory lane again!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer | Lifestyle Photographer | Family Photographer | Childrens Photographer_0002Back in December when I was 28 weeks along we went out to take photos of Kenzie in her Christmas dress and then a few maternity photos of just me.  Gary snapped a few photos of just me to document this pregnancy and this sweet little girl that is growing inside of me!!

9. I love everything classic & simple & that will stand the test of time!! Love diamonds, pearls, wearing black or navy, cardigans, flats, black & white images, etc…

10.  Which brings me to #10, I am NOT an accessories girl.  You will VERY rarely see me with anything extra on besides my wedding rings, my earrings (which are ALWAYS a pair of studs), my charm bracelets, and a watch my Nana passed on to me.  That may sound like a lot actually but it’s all small and simple and classic :)!!!!

Ahhh I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able to come up with 120 things about myself to share… but I did it!!!!  Hopefully I didn’t double up at all…. I probably did, and if you noticed I did you can just not tell me and let me think I told 120 different things about myself!! Thank you to everyone who stuck around and read all these posts this past year!!!!!

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