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I sit here amazed that November is basically over… that Thanksgiving was yesterday, Christmas will be here in less than a month, and that 2016 will be here before we know it.  I have so much to be thankful for and am so glad that yesterday was spent with my little family doing a whole lot of nothing but spending time together, cooking, and eating with one another.  In a little over 3 months we will welcome miss Kenlee into our family and while we are so excited we are also soaking up every second we have with just Kenzie… so this holiday season is soo soo special to us!  You’re probably thinking, is Kendra getting ready to do a big long thank you/10 things post… Nope I’ll save my thank you and year re-cap till the end of the year… for now let’s jump right into 10 new things about me!

1. We love vacationing in Mexico.  We went to Puerto Vallarta on our honemoon, have stopped at a few eastern coastal towns on cruises, and spent a week with Gary’s family one year in the Riveria Maya.  We love the people, the food, the beaches, and the weather!! Yep we love Mexico!!

2. I didn’t get lucky enough to attend just one high school… I attended 3!!!  Parents, I wouldn’t recommend moving your kid that many times and having them have to start a new school 3 times 🙂 while I’m thankful for the people, the experiences, and the growing up moving so much made me do… I would have loved to have started and finished at the same high school.  Thankfully I had an amazing group of friends that I’d grown up with and attended 9th grade with that loved me and included me in everything they did.  So thankful for those girls & the memories we created even with living long distance from them.  I guess I better say I’m thankful for Gary who made the drive down 85 numerous times to visit me also :).

3. As much as I LOVE the beach… I’m NOT a fan of swimming in the ocean.  Take me back to Hopetown, Bahamas and I’ll swim in the ocean all day long, but this east coast not being able to see your feet most of the time stuff doesn’t fly with me :)!!

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4. I love Thanksgiving.  And while I love spending time with my family I am glad that this year we kept it low key and just the three of us!!

5. Gary just celebrated his 32nd birthday!!  What’s crazy about that is I have now spent half his birthdays with him!! He turned 16 a few months after we met and since then I’ve been saying happy birthday to him!! 🙂 🙂

6. I have a hard time with getting rid of stuff.  Like.. I still have artwork from elementary school and notes from friends in high school.. etc. etc… while moving quite a few times has had me ditch some of it, I’ve held on to it.  I have a feeling though I’m getting ready to really purge as I clean out our guest room to make it a nursery to make room for Kenlee!!

7. We have a favorite breakfast joint!! It’s called Strawberry Hill U.S.A and we LOVE making the 15 minute drive into the middle of nowhere to have breakfast every now and again.

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer | Wedding Photographer | Lifestyle Photographer | Family Photographer | Wedding Photographer_0035Aubrey took this sweet photo of Kenzie and I when I was back in Texas in August.  Loved this sweet session with my sweet girl with one of my dearest friends!! Aubrey thank you for wanting to take these photos of the two of us!!!

8. I love going to the park with Kenzie… I love that she loves to just swing and swing and swing… I love to swing too!!  The park is sort of becoming a thing of the past though because Gary built her a play set out back so we just head out back and swing these days!!

9. I am a huge fan or writing with color pens!!

10. Love getting to visit fall festivals.  This fall has been crazy so we didn’t get to attend any this year but last year we were able to go to quite a few and looking forward to the ones we’ll go to in the future as a family of 4!!

Alright that wraps it up for November!! See y’all again in December.  If you’ve missed any of my 10 things post and want to catch up you can head here…

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