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Hi!!! I can’t believe October is almost over.  I always forget how crazy this month is for me.  A lot of photographers joke that October is to photographers what April is to accountants… But I’d say September-November is crazy not just this month… but I wouldn’t trade any of it because it means I’m getting to do what I love to do!!!!  Here are my 10 things for October!!

1.  October is my FAVORITE MONTH.  I just love it for many reasons, but mainly because I LOVE fall.  I love the crispness in the air, I love the leaves changing color (something I missed when we lived in Texas),  I love all the little festivals that happen… I just love October!!

2.  As much as I love fall and that makes me love October, I really love October because it’s my anniversary month!!  We celebrated 8 years earlier this month!!

3. We usually try to vacation during the fall. It all started with us honeymooning in October and have since always vacationed sometime after school is back in.  It’s awesome because the crowds aren’t as crazy and we just love it.  Yes, it also means dodging hurricanes (which we have now done on 2-3 vacations) but I’ll gladly take beautiful, not so hot fall vacations over a steaming hot summer vacation ANY day!!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer_0012Alyse, I still love all these photos soo soo much from two years ago!!!

4. We don’t do Halloween.  As I type that I know we are going to walk around with Kenzie dressed up as a ballerina this year just so she can see what it’s about, but as a whole we don’t usually give out candy or anything.  When we lived in Texas and before Kenzie was born we would help out at our churches Trunk & Treat that was on Halloween each year, but since she’s been born we just have decided not to do it.

5. I LOVE fires.  Like in a fire pit, on a crisp fall night!!!  In Texas we just didn’t do fires, but ever since moving to South Carolina we have done a fire a lot of Friday or Saturday evenings and boy do I love them!!! I even love them when it’s like 20 degrees outside and we’re all bundled up beside the fire!!!!!

6.  SMORE’S!!!!!!!  If we are doing a fire… you better believe we are doing smores as well!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!

7.  Speaking of fires and smores… we tend to enjoy a glass of wine (well I did before I was pregnant anyways) at the same time.  We aren’t big drinkers but I do love a good glass of red wine (when I’m not pregnant!!)

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer_0011

8.  I am a long way removed from planning a wedding but that doesn’t stop me from LOVING to look at bridal magazines!!!  I think if I wasn’t a wedding photographer… and my dream wasn’t to be a wedding florist, I’d want to be a wedding planner because I LOVE ALL THINGS WEDDING!!!!

9.  I am NOT a gift person.  It’s probably because I am not at all a fan of surprises, but gifts are just not my love language.  If anything I’d much rather give a gift than be given a gift.  Give me a thank you card and I’m all set, but gifts just make me all sorts of nervous and “what does my face look like while I’m opening this”… you get the picture, not a gift person.  But I will say that now that I am a mom the giving gifts to Kenzie and seeing her face light up when she’s opening it and then sees what it is… is amazing and I love it and it has me wanting to be more of a gift giver!!!!

10.  My last tidbit for this month is that I LOVE to have our family photos taken in October.  I have a feeling because we got married in October is why I now have this obsession, but come October you better believe we are going to be having our family photos done.  Last year we didn’t and it threw me because we did them in November, but for the most part we’ve always taken photos in October!!

Well that’s it for October!!! See y’all in November!!! And if you’re interested in the last 8 10 things about Kendra posts click here….

Kendra Martin Photography is a Greenville Wedding Photographer & Spartanburg Wedding Photographer also specializing in Senior Photography & Lifestyle Photography.

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  1. Ruth Bloch says:

    Excellent list. Octobers’ my fav month too….cuz its also my anniversary month!!!! Go October!!!





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