Greenville Wedding Photographer | August 10 Things About Kendra

I hope you guys have had an amazing month!! I can’t believe September is just a few short days away!!!  I know that most of my 10 things about Kendra posts are pretty random… but I feel like this one is even more random than usual!!! Hope you enjoy!!

1. I used to LOVE going to back to school in the fall!  Alright, I didn’t so much love it when it was my first day at a new school… but I did love the start of the school year!!!!

2. Speaking of school I have felt the calling to home school miss Kenzie.  We started last year with preschool and it’s been a lot of fun!  A lot of work, but such a joy to watch her learn and grow!!  Looking forward to this home school journey.

3.  When we lived in Texas we started a garden!!!  We had to abandon the garden with our move to South Carolina, but hey we (and I mean Gary) started it and did a lot of awesome & hard work.  He says he wants to do one here in SC… but I have a feeling our rabbits, squirrels, birds, and other backyard animals would eat it all!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Senior Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer | Senior Photographer_0010Kenzie may have not been the happiest kiddo for this session but I sure do love this set of photos Olivia took of us last fall… thank goodness Kenzie decided to be happy for a few :)!!! Olivia, so glad we were able to be in front of your camera for these!!!!

4.  Kenzie is getting a play set!!  It’s been a lot of fun to dream this one up and Gary build it ;)!!!

5.  I have TWO instagram accounts.  One of personal stuff and the other for photography/my everyday life.  If you don’t follow the photography one you should!!! You may be missing some awesome stuff!!!!!!!

6. I LOVE COOK-OUT MILKSHAKES… for those of you who are not blessed to live in the south (NC, SC… maybe GA I don’t know if y’all have them) or blessed to live somewhere that cook-out has arrived… ohh man you are missing out.  These things are amazing.  AND I am 100% boring… I have ALWAYS (since like middle school or elementary school when I was first introduced to cook-out) ALWAYS had a penut butter fudge milkshake… YUM!!!!! And for those of you who wonder if I drink it or use a spoon… I totally let it sit for a few minutes so I can drink it because it’s a milkshake and I want to DRINK it!!!!!!!!!!  If you’re ever over here on the east coast and see a cook-out… you should totally stop!!!!

7.  I DO NOT HAVE FACBOOK ON MY PHONE!!! Which means, if you message me on Facebook, I’m NOT going to see it for maybe days, or weeks, or months!!!!!  It became a time sucker for me a few years ago so off it went!! If you need me (especially for photography) EMAIL me 🙂 :)!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Senior Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer | Senior Photographer_0009I was back in Texas for the arrival of my nephew a few weeks ago.  While there my friend Aubrey took a few photos of Kenzie & I .. and a few of me so I had some updated head shots!! We soo loved our time with you!! Kenzie keeps asking me… “is Aubrey going to take our photos again” and my response is “I hope so sweet girl!!” :)!!!  So glad God placed you in my life 4+ years ago!!!!

8.  I love laying in a hammock!!!

9.  I love the color pink…

10. JCREW…. I love all things jcrew… I love the fact that it’s timeless & classic… and soo me.  I have WAY too many jcrew cardigans in my closet!!!!!!!

🙂 Well that was random and fun!!! See y’all in September!!! And if you’re interested in the last 6 10 things about Kendra posts click here….

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